Business Developent with passion

Business models develop and change constantly. Our task is to provide entrepreneurial advice and to act in a targeted manner. Everything begins with an idea. We support you from concept development to implementation. Our competence and experience in the development of strategies should bring your company forward.

Business and strategy development

The current strategy is no guarantee for tomorrow's success. We accompany you competently through the development process and beyond. We show you where the journey can go and what there is to do. Companies are in a constant state of digital change. The entrepreneurial changes should be consciously designed and managed. Your challenge is also our challenge.

IT systems and data architecture

Strategic IT management and data architecture play an important role in the area of conflict with corporate strategy and the people who work with it. People are integrated into modern workflow-controlled business processes and have to find their way around them. A challenge for the new as well as the old generation.

Recruiting and personnel development

The keyword at this point is not digital transformation but much more human transformation. The demands on both employers and employees are changing as a result of digitisation. New "innovative" apps, "agile" working methods and "impersonal" working environments are putting HRM to the test.

Product development and innovation

Which services should be offenred in today's digital age? Which products are in demand or need to be questioned? How do we manage to align customer experience with customer needs? We have extensive experience in agile market and business development.

Sourcing and production

Once new products and innovations have been found, they must be implemented. We support you in selecting the right partner - be it in Europe, Asia or the USA. Trust has become a rare resource in today's globalization and digitalization. Longevity, authenticity and keeping one's word are business-critical.

Logistics, import and export

Developing and producing innovative goods is one thing, then moving them logistically is another. Different legal import and export regulations in Europe, Switzerland, Asia and the USA demand a lot from companies today. Benefit from our experience and international contacts.

Marketing and Sales

What do you want to bet on? Is it a social media campaign, networking meeting, Adwords, direct calls or a good SEO? Which strategy is promising and leads to the desired success? Is an eCommerce shop the right tool or not? Many open questions which we discuss and clarify together.